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Why Hire a Professional House Cleaning Service?

House cleaning is one thing that never quite seems to get done. Just when you’ve finished cleaning one area of your home, there are other areas that need your attention. This cycle goes on and on. Hiring a professional maid services company helps you get off the house cleaning hamster wheel. Mighty Clean Home is one of the highest rated, most reputable professional house cleaning services in Atlanta! We don’t cut corners and we don’t skimp of cleaning details. We use high quality cleaning products and equipment along with our highly trained maids to give you the best house cleaning experience out there! Mighty Clean Home services all of Buckhead, Midtown, Downtown and the North metro Atlanta area.

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Professional Maid Services

Research and experience has taught us that many so-called “companies” out there claim to be professional house cleaning services. The reality is that these cleaning services are nothing more than an individual or couple who clean houses with no professional training. Why is that so important? For starters, as a customer you don’t know who you are inviting into your home. Many of these “cleaning companies” hire family members, friends, even strangers to assist them with little to no training. This reflects on the poor quality of service so many people complain about. Secondly, with no professional training, these cleaners do not know the proper use of chemicals on various surfaces. One of the major complaints of people who have hired these services is the damage to their hardwood floors. If your house cleaning service uses Murphy’s Oil Soap or Orange Glo on your hardwood floors, fire them immediately!
Mighty Clean Home Maids are not only highly trained on proper cleaning techniques but are also provided the best house cleaning products on the market. We know how to take care of all your home’s special surfaces, e.g. granite, marble, tempered glass, slate, bamboo, etc.
You can trust Mighty Clean Home!

Pet Friendly House Cleaning

Pets are a big part of your family. We understand that because we love our fur babies too. That’s why our Atlanta based maids are trained to treat your pets like a member of the household and give extra attention to your home. Mighty Clean Home Atlanta will clean your pet’s “special messes” such as pet fur, dander, paw prints and “nose art”. If you are concerned about cleaning chemicals around your pet, request a Green cleaning. We’ll take care of the rest.

Green Cleaning Services

Never has the Green Movement spread so quickly than it has in the past ten years. Increased awareness of the importance of caring for the environment, the footprint we leave behind and all the resources that are available to help care for the planet and our health have all contributed to people’s conscious effort to go green. Mighty Clean Home is committed to reducing our footprint on the earth by providing green cleaning products and services. We also recycle all plastic containers and spray bottles, wash cleaning rags in high efficiency washers and dryers, use green laundry detergents and go green whenever possible in all aspects of our operation. Going green is not easy for a professional, maid service but we believe it is well worth it!

Whether you suffer from asthma, chemical sensitivities, and allergies or are just plain concerned about the toxicity of general house cleaning chemicals, we will gladly provide a green cleaning option to suit your needs and preferences. If you have young children at home or a pet, going green is the way to go! Give us a call, tell us your green preference and we will take it from there. Go Team Green!!


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I have been using Plumberx services for long time, could not be happier. Always on time and cost effective services.

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